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Buy ISPM 15 Approved Heat Treated Pallets in Central New Jersey

Many customers prefer or are required to use Heat Treated Pallets.

Select Pallets sells both new and used Heat Treated Pallets throughout Central New Jersey.

Heat treated pallets are used for the following purposes:

  1. Heat Treated Pallets attempt to make the pallet wood more durable.
  2. Heat Treated Pallets makes the pallet wood less appealing to insects.
    This is especially important when dealing with importing and exporting of product on pallets as it limits the transport of invasive species that might nest or lay eggs in the pallet wood.
  3. Heat Treated Pallets can lead to less water / moisture damage to the pallet wood. This means the pallets should become far more weatherproof than non Heat Treated Pallets. –Source

Pallets that have been heat treated are stamped as such and can come with official documentation in certificate form to ensure the customer knows their pallets have in fact been heat treated to meet whatever regulations are required by the user.

International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 : ISMP 15

ISPM 15 Heat treated pallets bare what is known as a “Wheat Stamp”. ISPM 15 is was developed by the International Plant Protection Convention also known as the IPPC to regulate the treatment of wood materials including pallets that are used to ship products between countries.

The main purpose of Heat Treating pallets to ISPM standards is the prevention of spreading disease and invasive insects that could have a negative affect on plants or ecosystems in the countries to which the product is being shipped. ISPM 15 requires that the pallet wood is to be debarked, heat treated, and stamped or branded with the “wheat stamp“.

Due to several instances of “contamination” of pharmaceutical products over the past year, most pharmaceutical companies, even those shipping within the continental United States prefer to ship their products on ISMP 15 approved Heat Treated Pallets. NOTE It would appear the contamination actually occurs from chemical treatment of pallets. Heat Treatment and chemical treatment are not the same process! For obvious reasons, we STRONGLY recommend Heat Treatment of pallets over chemical treatment.

For more information on Heat Treated Pallets and/or for pricing and quotes for new and used Heat Treated Pallets, contact Select Pallets.

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