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Storage Trailer And Pallet Removal Services – Central NJ

Scrap Pallet Removal Service

Select Removes Scrap and Broken PalletS
We only remove Wood Pallets. 
  • For businesses that generate full loads of pallets (400 or more).
  • Customers can live load our trailers or we can drop pallet trailers for customers to load at their convenience.
  • Upon receiving notification that the trailer is loaded with pallets and ready for pick up, the loaded trailer is swapped for an empty one and the process starts again. It’s that simple.
Outdoor Trailer Storage for Pallets

Some businesses have Township, Fire Department, or OSHA regulations that require bulk pallets to be kept outside of their warehouses.

Select can drop trailers for pallet storage and/or pallet removal.

Pallet Trailer Storage and Removal

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