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Buys and Sells Wood Pallets in NJ. We also pick up, remove, and recycle wood pallets.

Buy Wood Pallets in NJ: Serving Pallet Customers Across Central New Jersey

Select Pallets is a full service supplier of wood pallets. We Sell New, Used, Custom, 48 x48, Euro, and Heat Treated Wood Pallets.

We are proud to serve our many pallet customers across New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania. Select is the region’s most reliable source of wood pallets.

These include small and medium sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 / 1000 companies. Whether you are looking to buy new, custom, or used pallets or you are just looking to have old used pallets picked up and removed  for recycling and you are located within the region, we encourage you to contact us. (Please note: Select only uses 48′ or 53′ trailers. We only pick up HUNDREDS of pallets at a time.)

You can reach our Central NJ office located in Edison, NJ at (732) 287-8622 or through the contact page of this website.

Select has an on hand inventory including 48×40 pallets, 48×48 pallets, Euro pallets, and we do make some custom sized pallets.

We look forward to hearing from you and serving your wood pallet needs.

Go Green, Salvage Your Used Wood Pallets

According to the U.S. Forest Service, pallet recyclers in the United States recover more than 460 million used pallets annually and less than 1% end up in landfills.” –Pallet Enterprise

It is reported that there are nearly 2 billion pallets in the world. Of these, 60% will be replaced by new pallets. Unlike plastic pallets and cartons, wooden pallets can be reconditioned and reused.

It’s a laborious and time consuming task, but recycling used wooden pallets is beneficial to the whole planet.

If you find yourself looking for ways to dispose of used standard sized (48×40) pallets as well as other used pallets that aren’t broken beyond repair, please save some trees and contact us before throwing them away.

Select Pallets also offers free pallet removal for trailer loads of used pallets to be used for pallet recycling. Please see our requirements/conditions page for more on our free pallet removal for pallet recycling program.

*In some cases we also buy used pallets which we can cut up and reuse. This typically depends on the size and condition of the pallets. If you are looking to sell your used wood pallets, we typically only buy 48″ x 40″ pallets, but feel free to contact us for more information.

Free NJ Pallet Pick Up and Removal Requirements

Select Pallets offers several ways for you to remove you old, used, and unwanted pallets.

Select has the ability to drop trailers which can be loaded with your pallets at your convenience.

If you don’t have room for a dropped trailer, once you’ve accumulated a large quantity of pallets we can send a tractor to pick up your used pallets.

We do not usually pick up smaller quantities of pallets (less than 400) but our Edison location is open 5 days a week, Mon-Fri 9am til 3:30pm and we will gladly accept many pallets that are brought to us.

The easiest way to ensure we can take your pallets is to snap a few pictures with a cell phone or digital camera and email them to us. Contact Us for more information.

If pictures are emailed to us we will let you know within a few minutes whether we can accept the pallets. This typically depends upon size, condition etc.

For more information on our Free Pallet Pick Up and Removal Requirements, feel free to call, (732) 287-8662, email us at SelectPallets@gmail or use our contact form.